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Top 1 Company Manpower Supply From Vietnam To Singapore

We understand that there is an increasing demand for labor in the world. Especially they need to find foreign workers with several years working on manpower  supply from Vietnam to Singapore We are a reputable, reliable company which guaranteed for both Vietnamese workers and companies seeking human resources for Singapore.

The best destinations for organizations and businesses are looking for manpower supply from Vietnam to Singapore

NetViet company specializes in providing human resources from Vietnam to Singapore.

About us

 Netviet human resource service CO.,JSC. Is a company with more than 10 years of experience of manpower supply companies in Singapore. We are the best choice for all you manpower supply needs locally in various trades. Our company has become a leading manpower supply company from Vietnam to Singapore with main office in Ho Chi Minh city , Hanoi City.

We strictly adhere to the latest updates and keep a record of al the government norms. 

Our team works delicately to help and assist interested job seekers in securing jobs in Singapore 

We keep in mind the opportunities available for overseas studies and placements. Based in Vietnam, we guide the candidates by providing facilities for skill improvement. 

 Why should you choose our company? 

1.Our team of experts.

With a team of University graduates in Singapore, Taiwan, and South Korea, we are confident to carry out the mission to bring the working knowledge class to the advanced fields of study in the world. Motto “Quick – Honest – Prestige”

Spass Singapore

our team of expert deeply understand your requirements and then our experts send you the best manpower which suits best to your project needs.

Our young employees are energetic and always want to devote themselves to the development of the company.

2.Providing large pool of worker with high quality 

 Our company has abundant worker resources. Each year, We have provided more than 100 skilled workers to our Singaporean partners. All of our labor force meets the requirements of our Singapore’s partners.We choose Vietnamese workers with high skill and qualifications. We are an expert in finding right people for the right jobs. 

Not only have the skilled labor force we also have a diverse workforce, the professions that Singapore needs. We would like to offer labor in industries such as waiters, cookers, chefs, drivers, offices, mechanics, car repairman, nail, massage, etc.

Our worker can speak English and Chinese well which help them easy to communicate on work and integrate with the life in Singapore. 

3. The Vietnamese worker believes in us 

In Vietnam,  We are the first choice for workers to apply to Singapore. They believe in our qualifications and ability to work. With the ability to work professionally, quickly, to meet the needs of workers who want to work in Singapore. We provided Vietnamese worker with useful information, clear advice, offered them suitable jobs in Singapore. We also help them improve their skills, teaching them English and Chinese.

We are having  support Vietnamese worker in the process of working and living in Singapore. We are truly destination for both suppliers and associates. 

Our company can get worker placed as per they needs and also ensure a desired compensation. NetViet human resource service CO., LTD has a well-established network with various renowned companies. We would suggest them how to go about with the process of interview and also aware them about the company’s nature of business and work culture.

We would filter out the most apt job openings from our data and send them to only those interviews of the companies where we foresee them maximum chances for getting selected and where you will be comfortable. 

4. Working with us you do not face any issue 

We work with our clients in synergy so that we can provide them the manpower which they are looking for. Before workers mobilization we send the clients all documents so that you do not face any issue once you hire our service. Let us take care of everything, Just give us your requirement we will provide the best candidates so we are in a position to meet your manpower needs in shortest possible time. 

manpower supply from Vietnam to Singapore.

5. We focus on your core business

NetViet company always focus on real values, bringing the best quality labor to our clients Because we know that delivering value to our customers is beneficial to us. While we take care of your manpower needs, you can focus on your core business.

6. Saving for you

Our company deeply understands all the requirements that clients  are looking for. When working with us, you will save time, save human resources and save costs. As a local company, we know the details about the culture and lifestyle of the local people, which you will be less able to access. Therefore we are able to provide exactly manpower the associate needs 

We are always look forward to work in good relationship with our clients, suppliers, associates, and candidates so that we all can mutually get benefited. If you are looking for manpower supply from Vietnam to Singapore please do not hesitate contact us anytime. 

Whatsapp / Zalo: +84932362333

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